Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Academic Blog

This blog is in disguise, not because of its structure like many of the other examples, but rather because of its content. I created it as an undergraduate student in order to post the extensive notes I was taking in a particular class of interest. I wanted to make the notes easily available to me and to anyone I wanted to share them with. This idea was to evolve to the point where I would be posting my academic essays, papers, and other works. However, since I graduated it took a different direction. Because I am not writing many papers these days, it evolved to be a place where I post all the little gems I find in my reading. At some point I got in the habit of writing down little paragraphs or quotations so that I could refer back to them, and this blog is an extension of that practice. The most important part about this for me is that once posted, I can share them incredibly easily. I can also just point people to this blog to get an indirect idea of who I am based on what I am reading.

For the above reasons, I have done significantly less structural hacking to this blog, however it still exhibits quite a bit of uniqueness and customization. See what tools and hacks I used...

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