Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blogger Hacks Story

One of the most exciting parts about Blogger when it was redesigned and released by Google was the community of hackers that sprung up immediately. In my estimation there was a core group of some twenty hackers who worked to customize Blogger Beta, making sure that all of the good things from the old Blogger were preserved and expanding on what Blogger can do. These hackers created blogs and test blogs posting tutorials on them about how to do a certain hack. In my time playing with Blogger, I have used upward of 50 of these hacks to make my blogs anything but your ordinary blog. Here is a sampling of the main hackers I have benefited from and collaborated with.

The reason I use the world "community" to describe this group of people is because by all accounts it was a very collaborative effort. One person would figure a trick out and then someone else would add to it and a third person would polish it. I also say "community" because I experienced this community first hand by requesting and receiving anonymous advice and support. Not only that, but at a certain point (armed with a critical and inquisitive mind) I got to a level of knowledge where I was able to make my own variations and contribute to some of the hacks the community created.

At this point Blogger has gone out of Beta and this community of hackers has largely ceased created new hacks. However, the large body of information and tutorials left in their wake is more than enough to get someone a long way into the Blogger world before needing hacking support.