Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blog As Presentation

At some point along the way of preparing myself to give the Techbytes talk about blogs, I decided that the best way for me to approach the topic would be to create a blog about blogs. This is also an attempt to extend the possibilities of a blog to make it a presentation tool as well. I have seen Dr. Mike Wesch create website interfaces as teaching aides, instead of powerpoint, to great effect. So, I felt like something similar was in order. Additionally inspired by Dr. Wesch, I have for some time wanted to extend the possibilities of academic work onto different mediums. Instead of writing a paper, I would like to make a website, or a video in Dr. Wesch's case. After thinking about Marshall McLuhan's concept that the "medium Is the message", using new and different mediums (especially to talk about new mediums) may be much more than just a creative venture.

I also immediately realized that one hour is not even close to enough time to touch on all the points I would want to touch on. I wanted to extend the one talk into the future by giving people a place to go to learn more and to get ideas. Lastly, I created this simply as demonstration to inspire people to think about the possibilities of blogs and blogging.

Check out what tools and hacks I used to create this blog below:

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