Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Buyer's Guide

I created the structure of the Buyer's Guide (it is very much a work in progress) to see if I could extend the possibilities of a blog. One of the Blogger hackers, Ramani, who hosts the blog Hackosphere created an ajax based template which uses a lot of javascript to accomplish previously unattainable navigating speed and efficiency. Taking his brilliant work and hacking away at it to obtain different functionality, I have attempted to transform a blog into a dynamic database.

The key to this project is functionality. The idea is to make the user-end interface as quick and easy to use as possible. The goal is to create "designed" serendipity in the user, so that s/he can find what s/he didn't know s/he was looking for. This application is a stretch, but has currently made it over the majority of the obstacles.

Take a look at the site and then see what tools and hacks were used below.

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