Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Education Community

This is another example of a blog in disguise because of its use and functionality, not necessarily its structure. Edublogs is a Wordpress installation that is attempting to create a community of educators and students utilizing all that blogging has to offer. In this way it is promoting the use of the internet, and blogs, to teachers all over the world. In so doing, it is also trying to extend the definition of what a blog is.

The most unique part about this interface is that the individual blogs that anyone can create are share among all the others using edublogs in order to collaborate and innovate new teaching approaches, techniques, and integrations of blogging. Beyond that, the interface for teachers is tauted as a collaborative one, allowing students the ability to influence the direction that the class takes by commenting and posting. In this way it is promoting a decentralized and democratized form of teaching and learning.

This website functions much the same as, in that edublogs is hosting a Wordpress install for you.