Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Library Catalog

This is one of the most exciting manifestations of a blog in disguise. A library science student at Plymouth State University named Casey Bisson recently won a Mellon grant to develop an online catalog based on Wordpress open source blogging software. The first test of this Wordpress install, called scriblio, is up at the Cook Memorial Library and the code has recently been released to the public.

This is really important because it adds incredibly to the value of a library catalog by making it easier to browse for books and resources. It also adds the ability to have user generated content on the catalog via commenting and even ratings. This means that patrons can have discussion about a book they just read from the library, or they can help fellow students by noting what resources were useful for a particular subject or research.

Lastly, this is very exciting because this type of framework is the direction that many larger university libraries, including K-State Libraries, would like to head with their catalogs. And to think, at it's very core is a blog (but not quite your 1999 blog!)