Tuesday, September 25, 2007

SEA CoBlog

I created the SEA Coblog as a place where people involved with SEA could share news, opinions, and potentially collaborate. Initially it was an attempt to stop misuses of email and listservs. I thought, "I hate email and I hate getting articles via email!" I want to get my news from a feed. So, this blog was an attempt at making a blog for SEA, with as many authors as wanted to contribute. To this day it has undergone at least 3 full scale redesigns and now it functions as a community portal of sorts. It is a bringing together of a vast array of different aspects that make up our presences on the internet nowadays.

Watch this slideshow displaying all the various hacks I have employed and the various tools I have used to create the SEA Coblog (the slideshow is not exhaustive, but gives a good account of the resources I have utilized)

Slides Play Click here to see the slideshow in a larger window.