Thursday, September 27, 2007


What's in a Blog?

Presented by: Kevin Champion, Hale Library

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If such key phrases as "web 2.0" or the "democritization of the internet" are appropriate for our internet lexicon circa 2007, then blogging must be a part of the conversation that got us here. This talk explores the concept of the blog in real examples, from creating a blog, to basic blogging, to expanding the definition of what a blog is. From community portal, to dynamic database, to collaborative organizer, along the way we will find out that a blog is not just a "web log" anymore.

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Mike Champion said...


Your presentation was terrific. The experience you've had using Blogger is similar to mine using a 1980's integrated (word processing, spreadsheet & database) software package called "Smart". It had a "Remember" command that allowed a user to store a set of commands (like a macro) to be run later. It also had an editor feature that allowed the user to view and edit the underlying code. I taught myself how to program by this method.

It's great to see the same concept being made available to everyone via the Internet. Your presentation has opened my eyes a bit wider to the dynamically expanding social network.

Keep up the good work!!!


FYI, I've created my own blog now (mike's cores) on blogger, although I haven't posted anything yet.